Friday, October 31, 2008

This is the Life

How interesting it is that with the waxing of the moon again comes the return of my emotional light. While I'm still grieving over lost connections, it's incredibly difficult to be sad when one spends a day such as the one I've just spent. The morning involved running around doing good deeds for beautiful people which made my heart sing. Lunchtime saw me spending time at home with my daughter and talking to my sister in Cairns about preparations for the December holiday period. Work progressed on its usual pleasant course in the afternoon but it was what happened after work that once again left the Young Goddess (my daughter, 25) and myself once again marvelling at our fortune to have moved to this area of the world.

The weather has been stinking today - I've heard more than one person say it got up to 36 degrees Celsius and our town felt like it - sweltering under a sun that could very well have been a Summer one. After work we decided to go to a pub in one of the neighbouring towns because it sits on a hill overlooking the ocean and as a result is usually pretty cool - a really nice spot to sit in the sun, enjoy the breeze and a pleasant pub dinner. It was actually cool enough on the deck to need jumpers, so I minded YG's bag (Young Goddess) and another young woman's beer while they returned to their respective cars to get jackets and jumpers for us all. The other lady mentioned that she had seen whales a couple of times from our vantage point, then proceeded inside while we pretended we were still really warm in the hopes of spotting a whale.

The next minute, our companion came racing back out calling for us to go up to where she was as she'd just seen a whale breech! We raced to where she'd seen it, but couldn't make out anything except for perhaps a small bit of a whale's back. Admitting defeat, we went inside to sit in a warmer atmosphere while we enjoyed our dinner. The food was excellent for pub food, the Canberra lady joined us at our table and we all sat around swapping stories of camping, travel, bike riding and work when I looked out the window and WOW!!!!!!! There it was - a whale breeching right in front of me! I've only ever seen them on television before and was gobsmacked! I pointed it out to the Canberra lady and YG and as we watched we saw a couple of smaller whales surface for a few seconds before sinking back into the depths. The afternoon finished with a bit of a chat to the couple sitting next to us who had also seen whales breeching at Tathra wharf earlier that afternoon and the discovery that they were staying in the area for a week after travelling up from Melbourne for a holiday.

Our dinner eaten and with no more whales to be spotted, we started on our way home. Dusk was falling and as we passed the aussie rules field, we were stunned to see at least half a dozen kangaroos sitting and grazing there. The drive home revealed many more 'roos in fields and paddocks, the fattest kookaburra I've ever seen sitting on a fence post and a breathtaking sunset. Once again, YG and I marvelled at our good fortune to be living in such a place where we can spend such a wonderful evening and view so many different things with different people all in one night. Note to self: This will teach you to take your camera EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

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