Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday we went to visit the Bega Pioneer Museum. Unfortunately, still getting used to the ways of a small town, we didn't think to check open days beforehand and it was closed! Talk about frustrating! Instead we went to a building supplies shop and bought a star picket post to wire along the bottom of a fence we've created to keep our puppy in.

From there we went to explore the Kangarutha Nursery - what an absolute delight! It's magnificent and it's easy to see why they've won so many Garden Centre awards. I could easily have spent the whole day there but was mindful of my funds and only bought some lettuce, a strawberry plant and some rosemary, as well as a little pink dragonfly to stick on my window in the bedroom.

Having lunch at T
athra pub overlooking the ocean and watching for whales, we then set off in search of a fishing hole that a lady at work had told us about - Mogareeka Inlet runs from the ocean to supply water for the town of Bega. We haven't yet been fishing there but it looks great! Driving on, we came to a turn off for Mimosa Rocks National Park.

Following the dirt and gravel road down t
o the car park at Moon Bay and a short walk through all types of ferns, grasses and trees lead me to an incredible lookout. This walk did me the world of good, allowing me to reconnect with energies I haven't felt for quite literally years. I felt myself slowing down on purpose, listening to the whisper of the wind, the chattering of the birds, the creak of the trees. The overwhelming message was one of welcome and an incredibly embracing sense of belonging. Every time I think of it I experience this huge sense of release of a burden that I wasn't even aware I was carrying and know that in spite of making some heartbreaking decisions in order to move here and revitalise my spirit, I have made the right move. I am home.

Unfortunately now I need to connect with the domestic energies that lie forever dormant within me and go do some housework! It's such a gorgeous day that I really want to be out planting out my goodies from Kangarutha and revel in the feel of my hands, feet and spirit connecting with the earth - that will be my reward for the cleaning. Blessed be.

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