Monday, October 20, 2008


Tonight's entry will be a quick one as I need to get some sleep. I've spent a couple of nights outside now looking at the moon (or where the moon would be when the night is cloudy!). It's so beautiful to be able to look on her with minimal light from other sources and bask in her rays, feeling contentment and peace flood through me. The other night when it was full I woke some time during the night wondering what the time was and opened my blinds to look outside. The moon was peering down, lighting the whole of my backyard and much of my room. I should have taken a photo but I don't think I'd found my camera at that stage!

The above image is by Michael Roppert. I found it here.

With much excitement, I climbed back into bed and drifted off to sleep under the comfort of her glow. I spoke to a woman who is my soul sister on the phone tonight after what feels like forever and she suggested I spend some time outside every night to reconnect with la luna again, which I think is a brilliant idea and started to embrace as I was talking to her. Unfortunately, being city-born and bred I spied a spider on the concrete near the front step where I was sitting and ran back inside quick-smart! (I didn't tell her that though :))

I have surprised myself by gradually becoming less afraid of them - I wonder if I'll ever get to the stage where I can renounce my "the only good spider is a dead spider" philosophy and really be able to embrace how good they are for the environment by letting them live?

I can hear my bed calling - tonight I go to bed with a peaceful and happy heart, grateful for such incredibly beautiful, supportive friends with whom I can share my life. Ang, if you read this at all, I love you! xxx


AMP said...

The moon is always beautiful regardless of what phase it is in right? Like a is always beautiful whether it's visible in full bloom or in hiding. :D I like your blog.

Raven said...

Why thank you! I like the way you think :)