Saturday, October 18, 2008


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One of the things that appeals to me most about this area is it's natural beauty. We haven't been living here for very long and a favourite past time is just walking, looking, absorbing the energy of the place. We walked our dog the other day in an off leash area which ran beside the river which was pretty much dry with pockets of water along it and it felt surreal to be walking along a river bed, surrounded by greenery and beauty on all sides with no one else in sight but for my daughter and dog. The delight we took in both each other's company and that of our puppy is indescribable. The sheer joy of watching our dog bound along the river bank, sniffing and exploring and leaping into the water to explore was exquisite! The fact that I had a long skirt and boots on which ended up filled with sand and water only added to the fun.

It's been literally years since I've been able to take my shoes off and feel nature between my toes - such a grounding, connecting thing. I'd forgotten how good it felt. The power of the place is amazing. Not only in the more isolated areas, which leave me speechless - places like Dr George Mountain, Mumbulla, the bush past Eden and even Tathra beach, but also the built up areas like Candelo, Bega and Bermagui all have a magic of their own. I wonder if the energy flowing here is what makes the people so amenable and easy going?

While I've not yet spent time alone in these places connecting with the energy on a more contemplative level, I've begun to explore and question, to reconnect with that which is magical in my life and to put my sorrows into perspective. I can feel my empathy re-awakening, which is both a good and a bad thing for there are some for whom I have great admiration who are going through some pretty tough times at the moment. This can make it pretty painful, but it's nice to be re-connecting with who I am - it's been a long time.

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