Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lesson for the Day

I've spent a really great day at work - full of productivity and getting things done.

Even better, I've spent the evening meeting new people in my adopted community, lovely people who are very easygoing, tolerant and open minded and they KNIT! So not only did I spend the evening with them, I got to participate in one of my favourite pastimes with fellow addictees - what a happy little witch I am!

Anyway......... I came home intending to study for an hour before bed, but my internet was playing up and then I had to check gmail, and then I had to check facebook and normal mail and icq and .. and ... and ... I decided to stumble a couple of pages before going to bed and came across this - which I know I can certainly keep in mind when going through my day!

I hope someone else can adopt it as a mantra, too.

Goodnight and blessed be :)

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