Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starting Day

I've been reading tips on how to make your blog more readable and a suggestion that struck me was to write as if you're writing to just one person. As a result, I'm going to make you one of my best friends, blog, and talk to you because I'm not sure anyone else will ever read this!

The book I'm following says that if I'm going to follow the 13 lessons it contains, I need to set a start date, preferably after a new moon. I wasn't sure when that was, so I found this nifty calendar which lets you know when the moon phases are - even better, it's Australian!

The new moon is on 28th October so 29th will be my starting date. In previous years, I would have associated this time of year with Beltane as a celebration of crops being in and growing and to perform rituals that would strengthen them and assist their growth. This year, however, I don't have much growing so while I'll perform a small ceremony, Beltane will be more about celebrating my growing urge to reconnect with the land and myself.

Really, I've already made a start by beginning this blog. Today I plan to see if the library has the books I wish to read and make a trip to the Bega Pioneer's Museum to look into the history of my adopted area. It's 10:22 am, so I'd best get a move on!

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