Monday, October 15, 2012


....running away to a party to connect with friends you haven't seen for ages is the most refreshing thing in the world for your spirit.

....trying to sleep in the back of your car when it's only a two door is an exercise in futility but you do it for the fun of it anyway and when the leg cramps get too much because you really aren't as short as you thought you were you climb over the seats and sleep in the passenger seat instead because life is for living and it was a choice of either doing that or driving 3 hours home after the party because the party was still going at dawn and you needed to conk out way before then.

....indulging in a little too much alcohol is enough to make you feel relaxed enough to meet a whole swag of new people who are just awesome and who you just know are going to become part of your extended tribe.

....stepping out of your comfort zone opens up the most amazing, wonderful experiences where you connect with people purely because you know you are kindred spirits.

My weekend was awesome, the party rocked, the drive home was filled with amazing scenery and sunshiney goodness and the thrill my heart gave me to see my (adult) daughter again after being away from her for a night was the icing on the cake.  I was going to take photos but I was just too tired to stop on the way home.  Instead the pic below is my beautiful "White Pearl".  She's the land equivalent of Jack Sparrow's "Black Pearl", but man!  She's even shorter than *I* am!

What have you done lately that's pushed you out of your comfort zone and ended up being a fantastic experience that you're so glad you didn't miss out on?

What can you do in the next week that will push you to the edge where you feel a thrill of fear but that presents the opportunity to grow in such a way that you feel so exhilarated that you're willing to step off the edge and fly?  I would SO love to hear of your experiences.  Won't you please share in comments?

Thanks :)


Dominee said...

Tehehe, absolutely loved this and I'm glad that you had a good time!

Shân said...

Dominee, I had an awesome time. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for commenting :)