Saturday, October 13, 2012

Running Away Today

Today I'm running away for the day.

I'm sitting here with dye in my hair and need to make this a quick post because the alarm goes off to wash it out in about 5 minutes.  Today I'm running away from my normal Saturday routine and I can't wait!

My friends are having a party - they're very sociable people and do this nearly every month during the warmer weather.  I'm staying the night at their place.  But it's not *just* a party.  It's one of my places of deep connection.  They're like family to me and it thrills me whenever I see them, let alone get the chance to connect with others at their place. There's SO much more I could write about that but that's for another post.

Right now I need to pack - it may be Spring but it's still cold.  There was SNOW at their place the night before last and it looked as though I may very well be driving through snow to get there, too.  That's unusual in our part of the world for this time of year and given that there are going to be a great number of people staying overnight and their parties are renowned for going until dawn, I've elected to sleep in my car rather than pitch a tent.  (They have a farm).

So today is going to be delicious!  I'm calling in to buy some new music to listen to on the way because it's a 3 hour drive. I'm driving through the most magnificent countryside, but during the day so there's less chance of hitting the multitude of wildlife that lives in these parts, and the snow should have melted by now, so it will be less dangerous.  I'm stopping off at an alternative medicine's student clinic along the way to have my first full body massage EVER.  (I might get chicken and just go upper body because I'm self conscious about my weight but whatever happens I'll do what's right for me).  Then I'm going to get to the farm early to help my friends before the hordes descend, party, party - catch up with people I haven't seen for ages and meet new friends, stay the night, have a wonderful brekkie and make my tired but oh so happy way home tomorrow.

So dear friends, if I'm quiet today, you'll understand why!  Ooops - finished just in time - there goes the buzzer!  Time to wash the hair, pack the car and be on my way.....sorry for no pics.  Perhaps tomorrow.

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