Saturday, August 1, 2009

Winter? What Winter?

The formatting in this post is pretty crappy - it probably reflects the fact that I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment - my apologies!

View from the back porch at sunset

We are
now supposed to be in the depths of Winter. The mornings and evenings can be a little cold, but the days are absolutely astounding - warm and sunny with hardly any wind at all. They feel more like a late Spring day than a Winter one. The night skies are a testament to the beauty and majesty of nature (Think I've used enough cliches there?!) Last weekend I finally managed to get some poo and compost into my no-dig veggie garden, but have no photos at present. It's about half full at the moment and needs quite a bit more before it's ready to plant in, come September.

So much has happened since my last post. A very dear friend came and stayed for a weekend or two and we camped in Wadbilliga National Park at the river crossing. It was freezing at night and it actually snowed a couple of days later and the Brown Mountain had to be closed! It was so much fun though - it had been literally years since I've been camping.

We also attended the Simon and Garfunkel concert in Sydney - what a night! It was stunning - a joy to the ears - there were times when I just had to close my eyes because I didn't want anything to distract from the music. At other times it was hard not to cry with the joy of it all. I was a bit skeptical before I went as I wasn't sure whether their voices would have deteriorated with age but it was absolute bliss! I count myself very fortunate to have experienced both.

I've applied for a car loan and had it approved and am hoping I can obtain a used Grand Vitara in good condition, but have been told this might be difficult as there aren't many around that have been traded in because they are such good cars. My other alternative is a brand new Jimny, but the verdict is still out on that one. Either way, my choice will be something that allows me to get right away from civilisation and camp out in the bush for serenity and peace, a chance to reconnect with the land which I am very much looking forward to.

I adore this countryside and the novelty of living here still remains, nearly a year later, however there are times when I feel incredibly isolated. To conquer this I am aiming to become more involved in my local knitting group, join one of the local choirs and also the local bushwalking group in an effort to get out and meet others.

A soul sister recently sent me information about Shematrix, which also calls, as I really do feel I've lost a little of the connection I used to have with the spiritual and would relish the opportunity for a little assistance in gaining it back. Isn't it awful how we let the mundanity of living overtake the sheer, utter joy of it all? It is still there - but at the present time it's smouldering embers as opposed to a fully raging fire. I've decided I want the fire and passion back! Bring it on

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