Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Need for Less Speed

The view from my backyard - when the fog closes in.

Again, it's been a while since I've found the time to post. Unfortunately life has been incredibly hectic lately which has caused me to reflect on the reasons why I moved to the Bega Valley in the first place.

I had a visit from my most beautiful Man a about a fortnight ago. (Can it really be that long?) While we are no longer officially seeing each other, we are in touch most days and continue to share much. I was more than happy to do the 'friends with benefits' thing although really that just highlights for me how much we should be together. For the present time, however, I shall spend time with him in any capacity I can.

He, too, reveled in the beauty of this part of the country. I left him here on his own for the weekend to enjoy the peace and quiet while YG and I went up to Sydney to visit my mother and sister and to celebrate my Mum's birthday. I love her so much and SO wish they'd both move down here too! If I had my Man, my mother and my sister here life would be complete. Anywaaaaaaaay, since he went back to Sydney I've been eating my guts out and the exercise has gone by the wayside so this is the morning I start back. I'd lost nearly 10 Kg but have put on 3 and a bit so it's time to get serious. We're going to see Simon and Garfunkel in Sydney on 21 June so I'd love to look a bit sleeker for that.

Work has been the usual - very pleasurable with stressful pockets here and there. I continue to gaze in wonder and awe at the beauty that surrounds me. The past week has seen me heading from one end of the Shire to the other on business in amongst the beauty of the bush and the sea, lakes, rain, sun and fog. My job continues to inspire me as I meet so many people with such amazing life stories, yet still things hum along at such a speed it makes my head spin and that's without me having to stand on my head!

Study has been a whole different ball game! I'm an Open Universities Australia student doing my degree through RMIT and had organised someone to supervise my exam on 2nd June WEEKS ago and submitted the details through the right channels, only to find last Thursday that my exam supervisor had pulled the plug without telling me. I only found out when the Admin lady from RMIT emailed me to say that I had 24 hours to find a new one. Talk about stress! Fortunately the Admin lady understood the bind I'd been placed in and said if I needed it I could have extra time to find someone which was wonderful. I rang the local TAFE and the exam supervisor there gave me the name of another woman who has agreed to come and supervise me in my own home - YAY! I submitted those details and they've been approved so it look as though everything will work out fine.

image by Marigold Nguyen
(It may be the hippy in me showing, but isn't Marigold such a beautiful name?!

I got home the same afternoon to discover that my FEE-HELP has been suspended for the coming study period because I'm "just" under the 50% pass rate. (Moving and YG's diabetes as well as acting in higher positions really interferes with study, you know!) So I now have the option of applying for special consideration to have my FEE-HELP re-credited which may not happen in time for next study period, paying $740 up front for my subject (which I could probably do but it would be a push and a big hassle) or deferring my studies for a study period while I sit my upcoming exam and passing so that my FEE-HELP is no longer an issue. Talk about confusing trying to get your head around it all!

I was really distressed however upon reflection I think it's actually better to take a break for a study period and re-group. Work is really busy, I've been asked to take on a Case Management Diploma on top of everything else (this is good - very interesting!) and I still have two websites to complete, hence the title of this blog episode. I ended up with a migraine that lasted nearly a week as a result of so much happening at once and had to take two days off work this week. My blood pressure was pretty high (normally it's low) and I felt absolutely dreadful with a pounding head and so many floaties in my vision it felt like someone had thrown a veil over my head - obviously a message to slow down that I hadn't been heeding!

I've been trying to practice chakra clearing before I fall a
sleep at night and think I may have to do it while sitting up. Whenever I start while lying in bed I hardly get through the base chakra before I fall asleep.

I missed celebrating/observing Samhain. Last year I carved a pumpkin and had it sitting outside my front door with a candle inside to ward off negativity and set a place at my table to honour loved ones who have passed over. This year nothing . It's raining at the moment but I've gathered the materials to make a barrier edge no dig garden and am hoping by this time next year to have my own pumpkin to carve!

Now, however is the time to give consideration to celebrating Yule. That's the weekend of both my sister's birthday and the Simon and Garfunkel concert though, so I think the celebration may need to be one of communing with those I love. One of my very dearest friends on earth will also be in Sydney that weekend so it will be full of love and warmth. I'll give a bit more thought to how I can make it a bit more ritualistic and celebrate it in my own way once we return. I have the Monday off work to travel back so that might be a good night to do something.

Having raved on enough, I think it may be time for the gym! Healthy mind, healthy body - I think it works the other way around as well. Ciao!

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