Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hello blog! This week has been incredibly busy involving a lot of work and travel and as such I've not had a whole heap of time to post. This morning is balmy and breezy. Sitting in my dining room I can look out to the far peaks and listen to the birds and wind and let my mind wander and assimilate the information I am reading as I enjoy some quiet time before getting stuck into house cleaning.

This next chapter commences with a discussion about the God and Goddess of the witches. It describes the triple nature of both, the cyclic role they both play in relation to birth, death and re-birth and the various images and language used throughout the ages to describe them. While my practice is based very solidly on the seasonal cycles of the year, it's really hard for me to describe my own personal practices surrounding them. I tend to see them more as external manifestation as aspects of ourselves that work as tools to enable us to focus more clearly on our objectives and aspects of ourselves we would like to improve, but having said that when out walking I often identify the sun as Lord, the mountains as Lady etc. In fact more often than not I associate most things with the Lady as opposed to masculine principles - does that mean I have an imbalance in my approach to certain aspects of my life as a result? It very well could and deserves further exploration!

I started off this post thinking that there is no way I can both view the Lord and Lady as divine beings *and* as externalised aspects of ourselves and started to write from that point of view, however now I'm thinking why the hell not?! I try to make an effort in my everyday life not to take an either/or approach as I think that style of thinking can be very limiting - why should I pursue it in relation to my spiritual beliefs? Universal energy is universal energy, matter is matter - it exists in various forms - why can this then not be the same? The Lord and Lady exist both within and without - we *are* divine and so is this beautiful world we live in. An interesting thought to contemplate as I go about my everyday tasks today....

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