Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recap Prior to Commencing Month 2.

Well, month one is now over. While it's finished and with the new moon I move on to the second chapter, my learning is by no means complete. I am still discovering SO much about my new town and it's history that it's just not funny. A week and a bit ago I had cause to go up to Canberra with some colleagues and learnt on the way home that Brown Mountain is so named because of the Browns who used to own massive parcels of land in that area and cleared it all of wood. Fortunately it's grown back, although I would have loved to have seen it when it was pristine. In another spot one of my colleagues pointed out where the local nudist used to live and related the story of how he'd wave to passing motorists as he collected his mail from the mailbox at the side of the highway.

I've been slowly repotting plants and planning for my future garden - I managed to buy 3 Japanese Maples, a Hydrangea and a Magnolia all for $10 from a fundraising stall in town the other day! They are now sitting on my front porch as our puppy is in frantic digging mode. The sad news is that we are unable to care for her as she really is a working dog and needs to be on a farm instead of on a really big suburban block. I'm sad to say that we were ignorant when we moved here of just how active dogs like her can be. As a consequence we're waiting for the Animal Welfare League to find her a new home - she will be much happier but we are going to miss her terribly. I'm trying to keep a "stiff upper lip" and not be too sad about it and to look at the positives in terms of an undisturbed garden, being able to go camping in the many National Parks around our town on the weekend, etc. but gee, this place will be quiet without her goofy fun and beautiful personality.

I've ordered a hand pushed mower in order to get this place into some kind of order and get some exercise at the same time. With the wonderful rain we've had lately the land is greener than we've see
n it since moving in August and the birds spend their days singing about how happy they are and chattering amongst themselves. It's good to feel the earth beneath my feet again - when I lay in bed at night looking out at the stars and recall the day, I can feel my body begin to relax in ways it hasn't for years. My beginner's compost heap is going well and I'm hoping to top it up this weekend with garden refuse. I need to put my new wheelbarrow together - I bought it about two weeks ago now but got the wrong bits - they've been exchanged, and are patiently awaiting attention in the garage.

Now to get on with the day...... Postings for the second month of "A Witch Alone" will commence soon.

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