Friday, August 24, 2012

The Immediate Past and the Incredibly Bright Future!

Well, I've let the blogging slip a little again, haven't I?  That's because I've been SOOOOO busy!  Life has been incredibly hectic.  In fact, it turned into a bit of a hard slog there for a while but now it's returning to not only what passes as normal here, but into something pretty wonder-filled.

My daughter, who has a couple of medical conditions, had been in and out of hospital for ages.  She still is, but it doesn't seem to be *quite* as bad as it was.  At one stage she'd spend about three days home out of a whole month.  I admire her - she's so brave and so determined to make the very best of everything in her life, but we'd both just about had it by then.  My two employers who I'm still working remotely for were incredibly understanding and allowed me to have a whole HEAP of time off for which they still paid me, with the understanding that I'd work the hours off when I could.  I'm so grateful to them for being so understanding and generous with their time and money.  Seriously, at one stage there I think I owed them both about 30 hours each.


I have my Fridays back!  For me!  To manifest whatever my heart desires!  To work on my Graphic Design course, to continue writing my ebook......

Oh let me tell you about my ebook!  Please!  After I found Effy Wild's Book of Days, I also discovered Leonie Dawson and her Business Goddess program.  She is just amazing!  Like many other people I've always felt that I shouldn't be successful in business because it's impossible to be successful in a materialistic way (i.e. making money) and spiritual.  That if you see yourself as a spiritual being then it's hypocritical if you manage to not only survive but live a pretty pleasant existance as a result of your efforts as well.  I think that may very well be why, in the past, I've given up both a successful Hypnotherapy practice and a successful Locum Medical Secretarial Practice - because I felt like a fake as a spiritual being because I was starting to make too much money.  Well, Leonie is changing my view of all of that.  I've been working through some of her e-courses, looking at hew videos and reading her articles and have decided to let my light shine - in all SORTS of ways!  And one of the ways is to start blogging again - regularly.  So I can keep in touch with my deepest thoughts and feelings because I don't really have anyone of like mind to share them with, and to hopefully inspire others with my work so that they, too, can go out and share their special gifts with the world the way that Leonie does.

But that's not about my ebook, is it?  Sorry, I got off track.  Ever since I moved to the Bega Valley and started working for a not-for-profit who catered for elderly clients, I've been struck by how isolated some of the elders in our community are.  Not just here, but all over the place.  They can't get out because they have mobility and other health problems.  Even if they can, they don't know many people or those they know have passed away and family often live hours and hours away so it's not practical for them to visit all of the time.  As a girly geek from way back I've often thought what a shame it is that more of our elders aren't aware of how much a computer can help you connect with the outside world, make friendships, keep in touch with family, pursue interests, all from the comfort of your own home.  When I sat and did one of Leonie's exercises to discover what gifts I had to offer the world, educating older people about technology and helping them to connect with others as a result was one of the things that immediately popped into my mind!  

So ...... one of my very first projects of my heart (as opposed to my Graphic Design which is also from the heart but for some reason I think of it differently), is to write a series of e-books for people who are perhaps not so computer savvy.  A series that explains what they need, how they can get it cheaply, how to set it up and how they can then connect with the big wide wonderful world of the internet, how to find people on it, how to stay connected with family, how to really start to reconnect and take an interest in people again and have people take an interest in them.  Written in plain, every day English with step by step instructions and pictures.  

One of my employers says it won't work - that you can't make money from old people because they don't have any to spend, but he actually missed the whole reason why I feel compelled to create these books.  When I sit and think about what my heart's desire is, it's to help people.  It's to help as many people as I can in as many ways as I can, but I don't want to help them by doing things *for* them. I want to do it by empowering them, by inspiring them and helping them to reconnect with things that their heart yearns for and what speaks to them and makes them feel alive, vibrant, important.  And what could make you feel more alive, vibrant and important than being able to connect with family, to explore your passions and read about them online even if you find it hard to get out and do them any more.  To connect with likeminded others to discuss those passions and interests and learn and talk and relate past experiences and successes?  Money is hardly the point.  If it's meant to be then it will happen and the money will come as a by-product.

I know that those I want to help most with my book series won't yet be online.  I don't see that as a problem.  Those who want to keep in touch with them or want to inspire people to connect *will* be online and they're the ones I'm counting on to spread the word.  It won't cost a fortune to obtain the book or to set up a computer that can connect with the internet.  There are programs that provide cheap computers to people who are on benefits and limited incomes.  Just imagine if we had a world where people were no longer isolated by illness, age or disability, but could connect with like minded people at the flick of a switch!  Imagine how much companionship could be built, and how it might even spread into the world through visits from other locals and coffee mornings and cups of tea and projects built and shared!  There are resources around that can help that kind of thing happen and I'm very fortunate in that I know what they are or am in a position to find out.  Anyway, that's just one of my dreams.  If you'd like to subscribe to my newsletter so that you can keep track of the ebook series and when the first will be ready for release you can sign up here.

I have a whole heap of other ideas bubbling away in my brain - some ofr older people, some for younger people, some that will appeal to those who are spiritually inclined.  So again, if you'd like to stay informed as I create them, I'd love to stay in touch!  You wouldn't even have to come back to this site unless you wanted to - just use the link above so I can let you know what's going on.

If you'd like to check out Leonie Dawson and her Goddess Circle, as well as the amazing stuff she offers to inspire your creativity and get your own message out into the world, you can learn about her here.

I have so SO much more to blog about including the retreat I'm attending in November, the Whale Watching cruise my daughter and I are going on  in September and the upcoming opportunity to catch up with friends and family - life is really, REALLY looking up and I'm loving every minute of it.  I'd love to keep you informed - I promise I'll blog again soon!  Thanks for reading.


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